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Jeff has a remarkable gift for teaching piano and songwriting, and works with students privately in New York City and via Skype sessions.
Jeff has conducted songwriter workshops in Houston, TX for over 7 years, and has held master classes at his alma mater, CalArts since 2011. He has served on NARAS Grammy in the Schools Committee as a mentor for 8 years, and has led numerous workshops and courses throughout the New York area.


When teaching piano, Jeff helps with basic piano technique as well as learning the principles piano improvisation 


When working with songwriters, he nurtures the individual writing voice of each student as they learn the craft. It’s essential for musicians, lyricists and topliners to have a foundation on the instrument so that they can learn to write songs on their own. 

Jeff also mentors songwriters in Europe and the US through The Songwriters Academy of London and is a mentor for The TSA Songwriting Retreat held annually in Malaga Spain.


Students interested in working with Jeff privately, or learning more about upcoming workshops and master classes, are invited to contact him here.

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